10 Tips for Effective Facebook Posts – 1st August 2012

To increase visibility, improve engagement and drive more traffic to your website, consider these Facebook posting tips –

1. Tell Fans What You Want Them To Do

If you are looking to encourage comments – ask for them! Similarly, if you are intending for Fans to ‘like’ your post – tell them to do so!

2. Include Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Look to cater to your Fans by providing special offers, discount coupons, and other content exclusively for them.  Many businesses are successful in using Facebook to increase sales by launching a new product to their Facebook stores first or run promotions exclusive to Facebook. A simple way to do this is through a new form of advertising called Facebook Offers. Using Facebook Offers, a business can share discounts with customers by posting an offer on their Facebook page, which then appears in Fans’ news feeds, increasing the chance it will be seen.

3. Consider Posting Outside of Normal Business Hours

Recent studies have revealed that the majority of Facebook users only access the site during the early morning or evenings, most likely due to the fact that many workplaces prohibit access to social media sites. The message here is –  posting outside of normal business hours could result in higher engagement rates.

4. Use Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are a simple way to reach more of the people who like your Page and their friends. Visit your Page to try promoting a post. Promoted posts are available to Pages with more than 400 likes.

5. Pin Posts to the Top

Facebook provides a function where Fan page administrators can “pin” posts to the top so that they are more visibile over a longer period of time. If you have posted something that you particularly want Fans to see, then ‘pinning’ could well work for you.

6. Highlight Posts

Highlighting posts is another useful feature to consider using. Facebook Timeline is divided into two columns. Highlighting a post will cause it to span both columns. This effectively makes the post more prominent and gives it a greater sense of importance.

7. Ask Poll Questions

Facebook’s posting interface includes the ability for page administrators to create polls and ask questions. This type of post turns a broadcast message into an interactive dialogue with Fans, and is in keeping with Facebook’s true nature as a social network. Use poll questions to get feedback, recommendations, and learn from your Fans.

8. Share Posts by Other Pages

In the same way that Facebook users can “Like” pages, Fan page administrators can Like other pages, as well. This, in turn, allows administrators to share content from those pages on their own Timeline. Potentially, this can lead to more traffic to your page and further increase the chance for engagement.

9. Consider Using Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories are posts that you pay Facebook to highlight, therefore increasing the chance that others will see them.

10. Use Videos and Images

Posting a link to the video on your Facebook page is another good way of generating conversation about your business.  A catchy video can spread like wildfire as Fans, friends and friends-of-friends, decide to post a link to the video on their pages. Make use of high quality images to showcase new or existing products.