5th DIFASS workshop takes place in Portsmouth

DiFass Workshop - PortsmouthEuropean project partners welcomed to Hampshire

5th DIFASS workshop takes place in Portsmouth


WSX Enterprise welcomed European project partners and guests to a workshop to discuss and share good practice around intellectual property and human capital.


The workshop, which took place on 19 and 20 September in Portsmouth, was attended by around 40 European partners. The DIFASS project facilitates access to finance for enterprises by exchanging innovative business support measures across Europe. It focuses on the development and implementation of non-grant based financial support instruments, such as revolving funds, trans-regional funds and venture capital funds.

Five good practices were discussed on the first day – with partners from Spain, Italy, the Slovak Republic, Poland and the UK presenting their projects. Participants discussed the pros and cons of the proposals and voted the British Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme, presented by Sarah Duckering of the University of Portsmouth as best transferrable practice. Excellent co-operation between SMEs, Universities and students were key elements and the idea now is to transfer the methodology from the UK to selective regions connected to the DIFASS project.

On the second day the group visited the Portsmouth University and were presented the KTP project in depth. It was wonderful to see the great connections being made between the academic and the industrial world. Dr Shena Mitchell introduced guests to the Innovation Warehouse, a challenging incubation concept which provides advice and investment opportunities to promising business start-ups.

For more information on the Difass project, please view our PDF.