Social Media: Is it just a picture?

Blank Social Media Profile ImageAs I glance out of the window, on the Eurostar, returning from a business trip to Brussels; I can’t help but overhear a lady speaking to her 3 month old son who is propped up next to her. Then I hear the familiar sound of the shutter closing (on the latest iPhone 6). Another picture stored on the ever growing memory on her expanded data file.

‘Come on, I really need to get a good photo of you for my Profile Picture,” she says. “You’re not photogenic today are you?’

I have to ask myself – firstly ‘What is the world coming to?’ and secondly ‘ Is it wrong that we are getting our children involved in the Social Media network at such a young age?’

Should we penalise our children because they have not got out of bed ‘ glowing’ that morning, looking ready for a Profile Picture?

Social Media is unaware that after the photo was taken of that child looking absolutely immaculate, and giggling at a funny face his mother was making behind the iPhone, he actually had a dummy popped into their mouth two seconds later to stop an exploding tantrum happening, which was way overdue!

The mother feels very happy with herself that she has captured the dream Profile Picture ! With just enough time to edit the photo with let’s not forget, the all important filter to make the picture look airbrushed…….. (cough)……… Magical!

Although this may sound like I am criticising a mother and child’s relationship, I’m not. I am purely giving you an example of the digital world and how it has become so prominent in our everyday lives.

I believe that although this child may not remember his first journey on the Eurostar, he will have the airbrushed image for the rest of his life……. well Facebook will, as they have the rights to your photos. Shocked! [Best read the small print next time].

He will no doubt pick up his iPhone 400 in the future and repeat history, only I wonder what ‘ Dream filters’ they will have then?…..Will selfie sticks be selfie satellite’s?….Maybe every tree in the world will have a camera embedded in it ready for someone to exploit themselves at every angle, giving them the opportunity to promote their image and gain as many likes as they can.

As a Marketing Executive at WSX Enterprise I know how important it is to make sure you are promoting yourself professionally on social media, you have to be on top of your game, try to convince people that you are the new Mark Zuckerberg; create that glowing profile on LinkedIn with a picture that makes you look younger than you are.(No one will ever know I am 18 years old on my picture, this is Me on a great day… lol).

We are always looking for an opportunity to surprise our colleagues with our shiny up to date gadgets and apps which we know will be out of fashion next week, then desperate to keep up, we are ready to trade-in for a younger model.

Is this why we feel safe in our Marketing roles because everyone needs Social Media, right? from the lady and her adorable child(with or without air-brush) to the Marketing Associates and their sparkly gadgets. Social Media gets the job done!

I know that when I get home from my trip tonight I will be logging onto my Facebook Business page and consider spending yet another £1000 on Ads to get my Business ‘out there’ and then there is that adorable picture of my daughter. #smile.

Selfie image