A New Adventure in Curry

We work with some amazing Hariharicompanies producing and creating some truly amazing things. Over the next few months we want to share their unique story. Let us introduce Illana from HariHari, a Dorset based Srilankan curry fanatic!


My name is Illana, I was born in Germany to a Srilankan mum and a British dad. At age 9 we uprooted and moved to Sri Lanka and it was here that I had my first true experience of Srilankan culture and its food.  Eating is synonymous with family life and togetherness in Sri Lanka. I can clearly remember my first sights and smells of the spices that are so unique to Sri Lanka and discovered that the flavours were so different from any other ‘curry’ I had ever had.

Since being in my early teens, I knew that I wanted to work for myself, to run my own business and it was shortly after having my third child that I decided to take the leap. I soon realised that my home kitchen was not adequately equipped to cook on such a scale which led me to the birth of the idea of Srilankan Curry spice kits!

HariHari produces spice kits made from only 100% pure Sri Lankan spices. What people don’t know is that sometimes when you buy spices they have added flour or colours/dyes. This means that people with gluten allergies can’t eat them and the dyes aren’t usually very good for you. It also affects the flavour making the spices somewhat bland. All of our batches are tested to ensure the spices are 100% pure and that they are also free from nuts, sugar, salt and dairy: therefore great for most allergy sufferers. Hari Hari curries taste authentic and are based on recipes that have been handed down to me, which I have then tinkered with to create Hari Hari’s unique flavours.

My biggest challenge with my business is switching off! Social media is playing such a big part in business today and with the ease of access through ones mobile phones, tuning out or turning off from work is near impossible. I love what I do but I do have to force myself to shut off and give my three children the undivided attention they deserve. The house doesn’t clean itself either!

I quickly came to realise that collaborative working was definitely a positive thing for all concerned and I have met and made some wonderful friends this way. We are very lucky in Dorset to have a lot of owners of ‘foodie’ businesses who are more than happy to support one another.

We are currently launching two new products in the next few months. To find out more visit us online at www.harihari.co.uk





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