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Back to work, with Inspiring Enterprise

Michael Hamblin lives in Kingsclere between Basingstoke and Newbury.

He used to work as a car mechanic and naturally has a love for cars. Due to the heavy physical work as a mechanic, unfortunately, Michael developed knee problems and never really got back to normal.

Finding it difficult to move he had to stay at home and started thinking about other ways of income.

Mike comes from an artistic family and it comes as no surprise that he took up painting when off work. And it was through his connections with the art world that he decided to start a picture framing business. He had done some framing for friends and family in the past and felt that it was something he could turn into a business.

In the summer of 2018, he came across the Inspiring Enterprise project and with his Business Adviser Susan Reviere they started developing his business plan…

business plan

Susan comments: “Mike is very talented and it is important that he focuses on 1 or 2 areas.


His painting skills are second to none, a rare talent. Together with his framing skills and contacts in the art world he should have no problem getting commissions to paint people’s prized possessions.


It is great that he has this ‘can do’ attitude and I look forward to working with him developing his business.”

For painting and framing enquires, contact: Mike Hamblin, Long Beach Framing,

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