BLOG: An Introduction to Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsI’ve been playing around with Google Analytics for a while now and used to get lost by all the options and functionality that was open to you.

It used to just be a resource I’d delve into to make ‘pretty’ graphs on random topics like ‘What page has the most hits from a mobile device in Australia?‘ – absolutely pointless statistic (for the business) but one that still amazed in that this info was there to be captured for free!

So,  last year I took the plunge to have a serious look at it and how it could actually benefit our business. What pages were people interested in? How long did they stay on the page and did they work there way through to other pages? How does our social media link in with all this? The most important question I asked myself (and still do) is ‘Is this ‘thing’ I’m doing of value to the customer & the business?’  Before, with no real tools for measuring this question, it was case of having a ‘feel’ or a ‘hunch’ – Not very useful. Now, with Google Analytics (and a few other tools I’ll mention in coming weeks) I can measure the value of certain social media streams & also topics of interest. All for FREE! 

You can download my attempt at trying to capture the main points of Google Analytics – Just remember the mantra ‘What do I want to achieve?’ and this tool should assist in achieving your goal.