Posted 28/03/2011

WSX Enterprise knows that running a business can be a lonely place regardless of how many employees you have. The Business Xchange service is a lively and friendly, non-competitive network that brings together Dorset business owners or directors to share ideas, knowledge and resources.

The BusinessXchange service isn’t about cross-selling or lead generation. It’s a business opportunity where you can meet other business owners and find practical solutions to the common issues that most affect your bottom line. The results of which, identify opportunities for improvement, business collaboration and potential joint ventures.
Each BusinessXchange network meeting consists of three parts;

1. Informal networking with 30–50 intelligent business owners over breakfast.
2. Formal introductions and the virtual board discussions.
3. A relevant presentation on business development

The BusinessXchange service is more than just the sum of the breakfast meetings. It helps realise the potential of forward thinking companies, enabling businesses like yours to continue to develop and become a significant force in Dorset. So the BusinessXchange service also includes:

• One to one discussion sessions with your Business Link Adviser for any issues too sensitive for a business networking event.
• Business to Business introductions in a non-competitive environment; for the purpose of learning, sharing, inter-trading and/or consortia building.
• BusinessXchange online community enabling virtual networking and contact building throughout the UK in a 24/7 environment.

If you want to profit from working with others in Dorset and you’re open to new ideas; if you want to develop business contacts and are actively seeking opportunities, we look forward to meeting you.

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BusinessXchange is an initiative funded by WSX Enterprise