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Research by The Women’s Business Council has found that if women set up businesses at the same rate as men, there would be an extra 1 million women entrepreneurs contributing to the UK economy. They also identified that there are over 2.4 million women who are not in work but want to work.

The increased availability of superfast broadband around Dorset due to the Superfast Dorset infrastructure programme provides an opportunity for women-led businesses and potential female entrepreneurs to take advantage of faster broadband to expand or set up new businesses. The Dorset Business Women Go Digital Programme, funded by The Government Equalities Office, was designed to help bring women up to speed so that they can reap the benefits offered by faster broadband.

This year, 139 women have benefited from support from the programme. Our activities for this programme have now finished but you can still access learning resources and get some great tips on using digital technology by using the links below.

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Technology Learning Zone

Although the workshops for this programme are now finished, you can still access all our presentations, videos and other collateral in one handy place for you to view or takeaway

Dorset Business Women Go Digital

Business Stories

Some fabulous businesses, started and led by women, have been taking part in our programme.

Take a look at their stories and their tips on how to succeed.

Businesses include:

Dorset Business Women Go Digital Business Stories


Dorset Business Women Go Digital Conference 2015

Dorset Business Women Go Digital Conference 2015

The Dorset Business Women Go Digital Conference on 1st October, launched the new programme with a packed morning of activities to excite and inspire us all to use digital technology more effectively in our businesses.

Nearly 80 Dorset business women and entrepreneurs joined us to hear guest speakers, Kate Doodson of Cosmic IT and Linda Parkinson –Hardman of Internet-Mentor, present on the theme of using digital to become more productive. With advice from technology hot spots and great tips shared by our guests, the morning inspired us all to find new ways to make our working lives easier using digital tools.

Kate Doodson talked about how the pace of change in the digital world is picking up, making it essential for us to join in and use digital technology to become more productive. Kate introduced us to lots of new apps that are designed to make the day to day activities of running a business easier and less stressful.

Find out more by looking at Kate’s presentation

Out second speaker, Linda Parkinson-Hardman, talked about how effective e-mail marketing can be in generating sales if you take the time and trouble to do it well.

Find out about her tips by viewing her presentation or download her handy guide


Dorset Business Women Go Digital Conference 2015 Tech Top Tips

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