E-survey: The Future of Europe

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is conducting an e-survey (available in all EU languages) in order to hear from citizens on what they think the future of Europe should be.

The e-survey is the main component of the “Reflecting on Europe” campaign, which was launched at the request of the European Council President. The aim is to go local, listen to and collect citizens’ and regional and local authorities’ proposals about how the EU should evolve in the next decade.

The survey is composed of a set of closed and open questions on the future of Europe. It allows for the automatic generation of results and feedback, which is sent to respondents so that they can stay informed about the CoR’s effort to represent their views. Over 3,000 responses to the survey, which is available in all the EU languages, have already been registered and the results are available online (in English only).

In addition to the e-survey, the CoR is supporting the organisation of local events across Europe, mainly in the form of “citizens’ debates”, upon the initiative of its members, regions, provinces, cities and their national associations and in partnership with other EU institutions in the Member States. In addition, political debates could also be initiated by regional parliaments or local councils on the topic “Reflecting on Europe”.

The conclusions of these debates or possible declarations or resolutions adopted could feed in the CoR opinion on “Reflecting on Europe: the voice of regional and local authorities to rebuild trust in the European Union”, to be adopted in late 2017/early 2018, ahead of the launch of the campaign for the European Parliament elections of 2019.

This interactive map shows where “Reflecting on Europe” events have already been held and where others are planned.

Take the survey here.

View current results here.