Escape to the Wild or Get Connected? – Broadband Connection Vouchers Dorset

hirsch-555463We all need to be connected to the digital world don’t we?

Well, some, in fact many, would disagree. I have been watching Ben Fogle’s TV series on UK residents now surviving in the most remote places of the world with, on some occasions, envy and admiration of these people, but also a scary realisation of your disconnect from  modern society and ever increasing digital world we now live in.

Yes, I would love to spend my days cutting up drift wood and building shacks from bamboo but with this comes the harsh reality that a life free from the modern world still requires some cash-flow and connectivity to survive

Reliable Broadband connectivity is and will only continue to be an ever increasing business asset helping to keep your business at the forefront of competitiveness. Bigger!… Faster!… Even Faster!… Supersonic?, all terms that are associated with broadband connection speeds (perhaps not the latter… well not yet as far as I am aware!) and perhaps the terminology is bang on! Commercial growth only encourages transactions, engagements, delivery, connections, networks (the list goes on!) to require more speed and capacity to deal with all our digital data.

So, escape to the wild or get connected?

Well if you are a business in Dorset, getting connected to Broadband or improving your connection could be exactly what you are looking for.

And for those looking to escape to the wild, well, Ben Fogle’s programme has many suggestions, but for you Dorset folk, perhaps Brownsea Island could accommodate your wild-side…. I bet they have Broadband though!

Dorset Growth Hub are hosting a Broadband Connection Vouchers event on Thursday 20th August at Bournemouth University, Executive Business Centre.

To see see if your business could benefit from a connection voucher grant of up to £3,000 book your free place here Free Connection Vouchers Event or alternatively come along and network with some like minded businesses!