Europe Direct: Understanding and accessing the EU

Understanding the European Union and how it affects UK businesses can be key to business success. If you’re near Fareham or Poole and need advice about any EU specifics, we can help, as we run the Europe Direct Information Centre for these areas.

We can help you find out:

  • How the EU works and its policies
  • How the EU affects the UK
  • About living, working and travelling in the EU
  • About climate change and the environment in the EU

Or anything else you’d like to know. We can also provide, for free:

  • Publications, brochures and guides on all aspects of the EU
  • Computer access to view the EU websites
  • Feedback to your questions and comments, and put your suggestions forward to Brussels
Follow the link to your specific area to find more specific information on how Europe Direct can help you, or for further general EU information.

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European Commission 10 Priorities

President Juncker’s State of the Union speech covered progress in implementing the Commission’s ten priorities, and explained where work needs to be done. It presented his political vision for the future of the EU that will guide the preparation of the Commission’s Work Programme for 2016 and beyond.

To find out more about the 10 priorities, please click on your respective local EDIC centre above (Fareham or Poole).

EU Services For You


Are you a researcher? We have something for you: CORDIS.
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Public Procurement

Are you looking for business opportunities? We have something for you: TED.
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Open Data

Are you looking for easy access to European Union data? We have something for you: EU Open Data Portal.
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Interested in European Law? We have something for you: EUR-Lex.
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Are you looking for publications about the European Union and its policies? We have something for you: EU Bookshop.
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Are you looking for a certain person in the European Union institutions? We have something for you: EU Whoiswho.
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European Direct Resource Library

EDIC Resource LibraryThe EU’s own large library resource area – FREE access and downloads, showcasing a wide variety of topics.

Guidance on specific topics

Need advice on travelling in Europe, doing business in the EU, getting EU funding or employment rights? These links will help with these – and lots more

If you require more specific information, please get in contact with the relevant Europe Direct Centre:

Useful videos

European Road Safety Day
Debate on the Future of Europe, with the participation of Viviane Reding
WSX Enterprise YouTube channel -Business support advice alongside some of our EU partners

The EU Explained

Publications on all EU policies – Click this link to view them on the EU Bookshop portal. All FREE to download.