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Updates on Brexit

We will endeavour to show where we (the UK) are currently at regarding Brexit and what our membership to the EU still means.

As ever, our job at the Europe Direct Information Centre is to do what our name suggests – provide information.

We will continue providing non-biased information, and not subjective opinion.


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European Commission 10 Priorities

President Juncker’s State of the Union speech covered progress in implementing the Commission’s ten priorities, and explained where work needs to be done. It presented his political vision for the future of the EU that will guide the preparation of the Commission’s Work Programme for 2016 and beyond.

For more information on these priorities, and how the EC is doing on each one, please click on the links below:


What’s it all about?

Erasmus+ is the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. One of its aims is to boost the skills and employability of university students by taking your studies overseas for between three and twelve months. It’s your chance to continue your course in a new environment and experience a different culture while you’re at it.

You can take your pick from any one of 32 countries in Europe, with whom your university or college has an agreement and most students receive a grant to help cover the cost of living. So whether you fancy brushing up your languages, meeting up with new people or just immersing yourself in a completely new culture, Erasmus+ will have something to suit you.

Work Programme 2016: No time for business as usual

The Work Programme sets out the Commission’s plans for the 12 months ahead. It identifies actions which will make a positive difference for jobs, growth and investment in 2016 and is linked to the European Commission 10 Priorities mentioned above.


What is the Commission Work Programme?

Every year, the European Commission adopts a plan of action for the next twelve months. The Commission Work Programme tells our citizens, our institutional partners and our staff how we will turn our political priorities into concrete action.

It translates into concrete actions the Political Guidelines on the basis of which President Juncker was elected Commission President by a large majority of MEPs in the European Parliament. It reflects the clear message sent to European citizens that the Commission will be big on big things, and smaller on smaller things.

It marks a change from the past: it represents the new Commission’s political commitment to an approach more focussed on priorities and on results. Time and energy will be invested in those proposals that will have the biggest impact on jobs and growth. It presents a limited number of new proposals, a list of initiatives from the previous Commissions which we propose to withdraw, and a list of existing legislation which we intend to review to see if they are still fit for purpose.

To build consensus across the EU institutions, the Commission has prepared this Work Programme in dialogue with the European Parliament – in the context of the Framework Agreement – and for the first time after also discussing with the Council.

Some useful information and links

Ever wondered what MEPs do? – Click image for more info:

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MEPs are your representatives in the European Union. Their job is to represent your interests and those of your city or region, in European matters. They do this by listening to people with local and national concerns, and to interest groups and businesses. Where necessary, they question and lobby the Commission and the Council of Ministers.


EU Travel Tips – Click image for more info:


Starting to do business in Europe can be exciting and very fruitful – but may also involve overseas travel.

Read our guide to travelling in Europe for guidance on the documentation you’ll need, driving licences and insurance, what you can bring back with you, and what to do if you fall ill.

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