European regional cooperation promotes SME internationalisation in Hampshire

WSX Enterprise and partners from six other regions across Europe gathered in Aarhus, Denmark, on the 27th/28th June to identify ways that business support services can support medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to internationalise.

This event forms part of the Interreg Europe funded project Everywhere International SMEs (EIS), which will run until the end of 2020 and followed the project launch held in Hampshire earlier this year. WSX Enterprise and Hampshire County Council are engaging key stakeholders such as Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Business Alliance to raise awareness of and encourage participation in the project.


In the opening session, Project Manager John Fitzgibbon explained:

“All seven regions have a shared ambition to support SMEs to internationalise and recognise the significant benefits this can bring – more sustainable businesses, job creation and greater economic growth. 

Each region has its own specific challenges to driving forward greater internationalisation.  Some are further ahead in overcoming these– with comprehensive mechanisms established to support SMEs – whereas others are just starting to put the right building blocks in place. Common to all, however, is the desire to learn from one another – and apply that learning to see a step change in SME internationalisation.”


By the end of the project, each partner will have developed and implemented an action plan that will help to deliver effective business support for SMEs seeking to internationalise.

An evidence-based ‘EIS tool’ will be also developed, bringing together examples of best practice from business support services across participating regions on overcoming challenges to internationalisation. In this way, the project will not only scrutinise and optimise partner regions’ existing business support services but will provide a universal tool that can be used to benefit other European regions.


For further information please contact:

Peter Grant                                        or                                           Sarah Eline Hansen                                 

Chief Executive WSX Enterprise                                              Communication manager, EIS