Flight Disruptions caused after Security Crackdown

Mobile phone PictureThe Government’s announcement yesterday meant all passengers flying into or out of the UK will need to ensure all electronic devices being carried in their hand luggage are sufficiently charged and are  able to be turned on, due to a new security crackdown. This comes after the US also introduced the security measure after a terror threat.

It was ordered  by US officials that certain overseas airports with direct flights to the US, including Heathrow and Manchester were to step up the screening process of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptops shavers and cameras. Any devices that can’t be turned on might be confiscated, the Department for Transport announced yesterday.

They have not confirmed which routes will be involved in these checks due to security reasons but it has been announced the checks will be carried out   “on some routes into or out of the UK”.

A spokesman made a statement yesterday to say “We will work with the aviation industry to minimise disruption as far as possible,”.

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