Too Good to Waste!


FoodWISE is saving local food and drink producers, cafés and restaurants thousands of pounds. The Design Programme has worked with 50 businesses in the South East region helping them cut food waste and energy. Now, they are offering 5 new places on the FoodWISE programme, so if you’re a food/drink producer or café or restaurant in the South East region, they can help!

Based on a survey of restaurants by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, if an average restaurant reduced its food waste by just 20% it could generate annual savings of:

• over 4 tonnes of food waste per restaurant
• more than £2,000 from avoided food costs, by using food that would normally have been thrown away
• between £150 – £1,700 on waste collection costs, if food waste is collected for anaerobic digestion

And if food waste is sent for anaerobic digestion instead of landfill it could save each restaurant 10.15 tonnes CO2-equivalent Greenhouse Gas.

FoodWISE is a free service that can help businesses put their marketing and food waste demons to bed. We can help with marketing and social media strategy and show how making small changes can help you save money, reduce food waste and get more customers.

If you’d like some help and you’re a food/drink producer, a café or restaurant based in the South East region, please call 0117 962 9671 or email

FoodWISE is managed by Oxfordshire County Council and is part-funded by the South East Competitiveness Regional Development Fund.