French Entrepreneurs welcomed to Hampshire

French Entrepreneurs welcomed to HampshireWSX Enterprise welcomed French business women and B-New project partners to an event in Hampshire as part of the B-new project.

The event, which took place on Wednesday 9 October, was attended by 12 French and 21 English entrepreneurs and 11 project partners.

The B-new project, the first French/English business network for women, has been developed to address gender equality issues in enterprise, encouraging more women in both France and England to start and run businesses. The project looks at the impact that women in business have on their local economies and communities.

The French participants started the day off with a presentation by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) on ‘Doing business in the UK, including public procurement rules’ to help give them a background on working in the UK and developing their businesses to suit.

At lunchtime the group joined the Women in Business Network (WIBN) for their monthly facilitated network meeting.

WIBN is a women-only membership organisation that offers all business women the opportunity to meet with local, like-minded women, once a month.

At the meeting the female entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to tell the group about their businesses, what they were hoping to achieve and share their experiences.

1-2-1 meetings between the businesses, a tourism and food expert and EEN took place during the afternoon.  Many informal links were formed on the day and the event was branded a success by all attendees on both sides of the Channel.