Fundamental Rights Report 2017

FRA Opinions

Diverse efforts at both EU and national levels sought to bolster fundamental rights protection in 2016, while some measures threatened to undermine such protection. FRA’s Fundamental Rights Report 2017 reviews major developments in the field, identifying both achievements and remaining areas of concern. This publication presents FRA’s opinions on the main developments in the thematic areas covered, and a synopsis of the evidence supporting these opinions. In so doing, it provides a compact but informative overview of the main fundamental rights challenges confronting the EU and its Member States.

Focus – Between promise and delivery: 10 years of fundamental rights in the EU

The 10th anniversary of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) offers an opportunity to reflect on some of the dynamics underpinning the major fundamental rights developments in the EU since 2007.

This focus section reflects on the progress the EU has made over the last 10 years in establishing fundamental rights as the cornerstone of its identity. It explores the tangible impact of the fundamental rights framework by drawing on evidence and legal expertise provided by FRA over the first decade of its existence.

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