Girls Can Code Networking Event | Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University are running a Code Challenge, to help encourage Girls into Coding (although EVERYONE is welcome)!

Full details on the event are below:

“Come and explore the latest thinking and examples of how to encourage more girls to get coding at the “Girls Can Code” networking event. Bournemouth University’s Code Challenge provides a platform to introduce female students to coding in a practical, project focused way looking at health and fitness.

December 1st 2015 @ 5-7pm Room 103, Kimmeridge House, Bournemouth University

codingThis will also be a great forum to pick up ideas for the Health and Fitness themed Code Challenge with members from the Bournemouth University Sports Management Team coming along too.

We’d love to meet coding or art teachers (yes entries can include a coded poster), computing teachers and professional or ex coders who can help students plan and execute their project.

The Code Challenge is open to all students’ not just girls; all tips and tricks we’ll share are equally applicable. Participation is also open to primary and secondary teachers as well as STEM Ambassador and other coders or IT professionals.

The event is free to attend and you can register online at