Innovate UK – Emerging & Enabling Technologies Competition

Innovate UK (IUK) has launched Round 1 of its Emerging and Enabling Technologies Competition. The programme will invest in new technologies and the underpinning capabilities that improve existing industries. The aim is to inspire the new products, processes and services of tomorrow, for the benefit of industry and to disrupt existing markets.

Successful projects will:

  • Harness E&E technologies across the economy.
  • Develop and scale-up research and development to bring ideas, processes and products closer to availability at scale and commercial release.
  • Use design processes to understand customer motivations and behaviour and use that insight to create better products, services and processes.

Innovate UKProjects must be UK business-led and involve at least one SME. The applicant must carry out the project work and intend to exploit the results within the UK.

Total available budget: £15m.  Total project costs: £35K to £2m.  Project duration: 6 months to 3 years. 

SMEs can work alone or in collaboration with other businesses or research organisations if the eligible project costs are up to £100,000. If the eligible project costs are more than £100,000, the business must work with at least one other business or research organisation (at least one of which must be an SME).

Deadline for registration : 30th November (noon)

More information: