Mentor-net on Government supported Mentoring Portal

Posted 19/07/2011


We’re all for spreading the word about the power of mentoring for small businesses and now, thanks to a Government initiative, we are able to reach a wider audience alongside our Dorset counterparts, DorMen

In an announcement the Government, in conjunction with five high street banks, have launched a new mentoring portal:

The website provides a single point of access for those seeking mentoring and those seeking to be mentors, covering the whole of the UK.

The Government wants to encourage experienced business people to sign up to mentor new and growing businesses.
Business and Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk said:

“From my own experiences running a small business I know how valuable insight can be from people who have done it all before.

“Small business owners have repeatedly told us that the support they value most comes from other experienced business people. For the first time in the UK, there will be a single, cohesive network of mentoring provision.

“Small firms are the lifeblood of our economy and we are determined to give them every opportunity to succeed and secure the long-term growth we need.”

The launch forms part of the Better Business Finance campaign, set up by the Business Finance Taskforce.