Videos, Presentations and Downloads

Have you ever been at an event, when a great tip flashes up on the presentation display and your pen runs out of ink, or your laptop battery goes flat. Missing a piece of useful information can be a pain!

To help you out we’ve created this area to link all our workshop and event presentations + videos, meaning you will no longer miss a critical slide or top tip!

There are document templates for Business Plans and Cashflow Forecasts so you can get prepared for any upcoming meetings you may have to get your business started.

You can also get in touch on 01329 223242 or e-mail to see how we can help you get going and succeed.


The button below will take you to our WSX SlideShare page. From here you can view and link our latest presentations from all our programmes.



Clicking on the button below will direct you to our WSX YouTube channel. We have quite a few useful guides on here, along with some partner videos.

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Business Plan Template Download Here

Financial Forecast Download here

DIFASS Good Practise Guide (zip file) Download Here
(DIFASS is a collaboration of 26 european countries who share good practice in the development of non-grant based financial support)

Top Tips from Emma Livermore 2014 DBWGD

 How to get started with Twitter  2014 DBWGD