Small and medium sized businesses have been helped to access finance, thanks to the DIFASS programme and the exchange of innovative business support measures.

26 partners from across the European Union worked together for three years to share good practice in the development of non-grant based financial support instruments, such as revolving funds, trans-regional funds and venture capital funds.

All participating regions developed a Policy Implementation Plan to improve their own policies tackling access to finance for SMEs, innovation, internationalisation and sustainable growth.

Topics covered included:

  • Micro loans
  • Jeremie, mezzanine, equity and venture capital
  • Creative industries and crowdfunding
  • Mixed grant and non-grant support schemes
  • Intellectual property and human capital
  • Spin off, start up and early stage support
  • Internationalisation
  • Finance and loan guarantee schemes

The results of this project will help to shape our business support offers in the future, and we’ve enjoyed being at the heart of an important topic for businesses.

DIFASS Wokshops

View the presentations from all the workshops that have been hosted around Europe and the conference.


Good Practise Brochures and Guides

You can download all the good practise brochures and guides from the collaborative project below.

  1. Micro Loans – Download Brochure
  2.  Internationalisation – Download Brochure
  3. Guidance to Finance – Download Brochure
  4. Mixed Grant & Non-Grant Support – Download Brochure
  5. IP and Human Capital – Download Brochure
  6. Spin Off, Start Up & Early Stage Support – Download Brochure
  7. Creative Industries & Crowdfunding – Download Brochure
  8. Jeremie, Mezzanine, Equity & Venture Capital – Download Brochure


DIFASS Good Practise guide is below.

Find out more

To find out the results of this programme, or for more information, contact Kathryn Havering:

0239 286 2167


or visit: www.difass.eu