A pilot programme developed with Northern European Partners, ResilieNtWEB has worked with 10 businesses and organisations across the South to bring cutting edge thinking and world class tools to the heart of their organisation.

This strategic support programme has helped business become more sustainable and increased their resilience and ability to anticipate market changes and using the resources available from the programme, the market opportunities. Businesses are guided through taking a fresh look at their current business models and helped to adapt to the continually changing world they operate in.

Providing up to 10 days of high quality support at no cost to the first group of businesses taking part, the business focused programme includes:

  • A Quick Scan of the company’s economic, social and environmental resilience
  • A visual headline report, identifying key issues and opportunities for improvement
  • Business Planning using the Business Model Canvas and a range of business tools
  • A detailed action plan, support and resources to implement one of the key actions and/or development opportunities identified.

Quick Scan Tool - Scan Your Organisation Now

How resilient is your business? How many unexpected changes have occurred in your business or organisation in the last 3 years? How many are you expecting in the NEXT month, year, two years, three years?

Use our FREE online QUICK SCAN tool to get you thinking, check out the long term sustainability of your business and see what actions you can take to improve your resilience.

Using the online scan will provide you with a graphical report, like the example below, and also provide your with prompts to help you improve your long term sustainability and resilience.

Quick Scan example

Totally free and totally confidential – it does not tie you to any work with us.

Brought to you by the ResilieNtWEB team and supported by the EU Interreg Programme, the online Quick Scan will help you identify your ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL and ‘PEOPLE’ resilience as well as take a look at how you ANTICIPATE, ADAPT AND LEARN from all 3 areas to build a sustainable, resilient business.Totally free and totally confidential it  does not tie you to any work with us.

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