The Design Programme


Our Less=More programme has now come to an end, but the businesses who engaged with us have been reaping the benefits of developing more sustainable products and services, creating greener packaging and using sustainability as a driver for innovation and a route to new markets.

Less=More helped its client businesses increase their Gross Value Added by £19.6 million; created 53 jobs; and created a return of £8.91 on public investment for every £1 spent.

The Design Programme approach also led to an additional £ 562,000 spend on design by businesses in the South West region, showing they have embedded design into their business.

This is what some of our clients have said about Less=More

“Made a significant change to the business”

“Raised profile and gave a more professional appearance as a business”

“Kick started us into re-organising and upgrading the business”

“Helped focus us on what needs to be done next”

“Focus and direction to crystallise thoughts which has made our presence in the market place much more effective and we are more able to engage with potential new clients”

“Kathryn (Design Adviser) was excellent and listened to what we wanted”

“Huw Robson (Design Adviser) was very good and kept in touch”

This project has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the South West Competitiveness Programme 2007-13.

What we can do for you....

Unlock the potential of your business through the power of design. The Design Programme offers businesses advice, information and support, helping them set goals, grow and increase profitability. Good design advice and support can be the catalyst that propels a business forward, or fast tracks a product to market.

Businesses may need a boost in one or more areas, and the programme’s design advisers can first help identify which are a priority. Working with The Design Programme promises to bring clarity, confidence, direction, knowledge and real business results.

The Design Programmes services include:

  • Advice tailored to each business
  • Design project support
  • Design for sustainability
  • Design to develop supply chains
  • Design events
  • Design leadership programme
  • Design industry support

Advice is independent and includes practical support with:

  • Company literature, websites and communications
  • Refreshing or creating brands
  • Developing products or services
  • Developing packaging solutions
  • Identifying trends and customer needs
  • Introducing sustainable practices

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