Dorset EMC

The Dorset Engineering & Manufacturing Cluster started as a skills forum for businesses that employed apprentices in this sector.

Recognising there was greater scope and opportunity for this network, the cluster has evolved, with a membership of over 300 organisations operating within the engineering and manufacturing sector. The cluster is supported by a steering group of Dorset engineering and manufacturing businesses, local authorities and business support organisations.

The Cluster aims to:

  • Help raise the profile of the engineering and manufacturing sector to drive productivity and growth – in Dorset, across the UK and overseas
  • Develop supply chain opportunities in order to increase market share
  • Provide an opportunity to network and collaborate through a programme of events and workshops
  • Support solutions to underpin workforce development, skills, training and apprentice schemes
  • Identify ways in which to collaborate with education providers and research organisations in order to drive innovation
  • Provide information on access to business support, market intelligence, finance and funding

“In order to enable Dorset companies to collaborate, become more sustainable, deliver to their full potential and be recognised for doing so.”


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