Rising self-employment prompts WSX Enterprise to strengthen business support

Richard Burn – Marketing Coordinator at WSX Enterprise

A dramatic rise in the number of people setting up their own businesses has prompted a leading Hampshire support company to strengthen its range of help.

Fareham-based WSX Enterprise, which operates on a not-for-profit basis, has responded to the growing trend with a senior marketing hire and more online support tools aimed directly at entrepreneurs.

The expansion reflects the latest official labour market statistics showing that 4.5 million people – nearly one in seven of the working population – are now self-employed. The figure is up by nearly a quarter of a million in just over a year. Forty three per cent of those going it alone are aged 50 or older and 32% are women.

Richard Burn, newly appointed Marketing Coordinator at WSX Enterprise, said: “The rise in entrepreneurs demands an increase in business support from organisations such as us.  Being your own boss gives you much more freedom but we know from experience that start-ups need lots of ongoing help if they are to survive and thrive. With the changes to our website we are making it easier for budding business owners to find the information they need.”

As well as making its website www.wsxenterprise.co.uk easier to navigate and more mobile-friendly, WSX Enterprise has introduced a new online booking system for training and networking events.

Other new resources include video presentations, e-learning guides, webinars and pointers to help with issues such as managing HMRC tax requirements and boosting website optimisation.

Mr Burn added: “The new website complements our wider portfolio of services including start-up loans, business mentoring and sector-specific projects. We are building a trusted, practical and professional support system that will enable entrepreneurs to hone their ideas and go on to prosper, so creating an onward stimulus for employment and economic growth.”

For more information about WSX Enterprise, contact 01329 223242 or visit www.wsxenterprise.co.uk.

For more information on the latest labour market figures released by the Office for National Statistics, visit www.ons.gov.uk.