Digital Coaching Programme

WSX Digital has teamed up with DNAsix® to provide an innovative new e-learning programme which helps you quickly build a digital communications strategy.

To understand fully where your business is heading, you need to analyse where it is at the present time.

Using our digital assessment tool you can simply diagnose where the strengths and weaknesses lie, based around 6 steps and 20 key areas.

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WHAT is WSX | DNAsix®?

Quickly build a comprehensive communications strategy for your business.

WHY choose WSX | DNAsix®?

See the positive impact a cohesive communications strategy can bring to your business. 

HOW much is WSX | DNAsix®?

FREE for businesses and individuals in the SOUTH EAST LEP region, as part of the Covid-19 Recovery Fund.

What is WSX Digital | DNAsix®?

Here are some questions to ask yourself?


  • Do you really know how to engage with your existing as well as your prospective customers, suppliers and staff, now and well into the future?
  • Are you held back by your lack of technological know-how?
  • Do you struggle to create enough quality content?
  • Is social media a necessary evil or a useful tool?
  • Are you drowning in data or using it to your advantage

We are living in an increasingly fast-changing and unpredictable world. The rapid introduction of new technology has the power to disrupt massively and many organisations – and indeed industries – need to be able to adapt or they will become obsolete.


So what is the solution? DNAsix Communicator is an innovative new e-learning programme which helps you answer these questions and quickly build a comprehensive digital communications strategy for your business.

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Why should I choose WSX Digital | DNAsix®?

DNAsix Communicator is based on six basic principles – Strategy, Culture, Content, Community, Advertising and Data – which are then used to diagnose where the challenges and opportunities lie within your business.


Once signed up with us, you will have full, unrestricted access to a wealth of videos, documentation, guides and more.


It is all setup in a structured way so you can measure your progress and start to see the positive impact a cohesive communications strategy can bring to your business.


1)    Carry out a digital diagnostic to establish where you are in your Digital Communications journey

2)    Guide you through the 6 stages of your digital journey and an overview of these categories

3)    Provide you with a toolkit of learning modules to help you develop your weak points

4)    Empower you to take charge of your digital strategy with the option of follow on support from our Digital Specialists


Once you complete the modules, you will get a certification from the IOEE (The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs)

1 year’s free studying membership.




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How much will WSX Digital | DNAsix®?

This service is provided FREE OF CHARGE to individuals and businesses participating in the Adapting to Digital support programme, funded by the South East LEP.


(A one-off cost of £300 + vat will be waived to provide you with an e-learning module to measure and develop your business’s digital strategy).


You will have access to:


♦ Two online digital ‘health-checks’
A series of educational videos
Downloadable online communications tool
30 comprehensive self-help modules with actionable goals
Downloadable strategy planner
Certification from IOEE (The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs)
♦ 1 year’s free studying membership from IOEE


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Bespoke digital business strategies

Training courses aligned with the strategies

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