Europe Direct | Aldershot

Europe Direct Aldershot offers a grassroots service tailored to your local and regional needs.

This will enable us to obtain information, advice, assistance and answers to your questions about your rights as an EU citizen now and the implications of Brexit

We can help you find out:

  • How the EU works and its policies
  • How the EU affects the UK
  • About living, working and travelling in the EU
  • About climate change and the environment in the EU

Or anything else you’d like to know. We can also provide, for free:

  • Publications, brochures and guides on all aspects of the EU
  • Advice on laws and your rights as an EU Citizen

As the information on Brexit becomes available, we will share that with you in an impartial manner, ensuring you have the facts to make informed decisions about your business and home life.

Main website topics are below: 


We have put together a concise list of useful links for businesses and citizens, relating to the UK leaving the EU. 

The information from both the EU and UK is constantly evolving – the links attached will update as new information unfolds.

For information relating specifically to the EU and EU Citizens residing in the UK, or UK Citizens in the EU you can visit the Europe Direct website below.

Where is support offered?

Europe Direct Aldershot is based at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre and offers email + telephone support to the surrounding areas.