Supporting Businesses in 21st Century: Digital Skills and Capability

As business support organisations across Hampshire target resources at helping to improve the digital skills and capability of the small businesses we work with,  what are we doing to harness the latest digital tools and techniques ourselves?   With recent reports in the BBC earlier this month that digital appointments such as Skype calls with consultants,  will become the norm for millions of patients under a plan for the future of the health service, is this how business support should be delivered in the future? – in full or in part?   

Looking at the theme of Digital Capabilities for Business Support, 24 partners and stakeholders from 7  European regions joined a One Stop Shop workshop in Hampshire to swap ideas and good practice.

OSS Team Meetup-Aldershot JAN2019Supported by Interreg Europe to encourage competitive SMEs the One Stop programme is focusing on how regions can develop or enhance an attractive tailor-made  ‘ecosystem’ ; the first line of support for start-up businesses.  Aimed at encouraging and supporting SMEs to develop their entrepreneurial skills and overcome their barriers to growth,  project partners take a different theme at each workshop, identifying good practice that may go on to influence SME support resources and policies. 

You’ll be interested to know that our own research didn’t uncover any virtual business support robots out there yet  (unless you know differently!), but did identify some good tools, techniques and pilot business support platforms, –  all of which may play a useful role in the way we support businesses in the 21st Century. 

Know of any good digital support tools?  What digital tools and techniques do you use? We’d be really interested in hearing your views and swapping notes on what we’ve learnt so far.

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Background Info on the programme

One Stop Shop Project

‘One Stop Shop towards competitive SMEs, focusing on the eco system for the first line service’

With this project, we want to develop an attractive tailor-made ecosystem for start-ups. It’s aim is to improve SMEs growth, entrepreneur skills and to overcome defined barriers. Project partners have defined that commitment and willingness to invest in long term policy is important to increase the number and quality of start-ups in their region

To develop an attractive tailor-made ecosystem for startups

Learn & swap good practice from first line service systems

Use the information to influence relevant policies and enhance advisory support services