The South West Competitiveness News May 2014


The latest copy of the South West Competitiveness Newsletter is available for download below.

The South West Competitiveness European Regional Development Fund has committed its full allocation of funding for 2007-13, totaling €124.7 million—roughly £104 million. 2014 marks the start of the new cycle of European Structural Funds but many projects supported under the current Programme will continue to operate until late 2014 or
early 2015. So as well as celebrating the Programme’s final investments, this edition includes a summary of remaining live projects.

This will be the last edition of the newsletter in this format as the focus will shift towards promoting the Programme’s
achievements through case studies. We would welcome support from project holders in building a legacy document
capturing case studies and evaluation activity

Our very own Driving Urban Enterprise programme is on Pg 7 – You can also find out more by clicking here.

Inside this issue:
Filwood Green Business Park Pg 1
Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs Pg 2
The Hive Pg 3
Emmaus Bristol Pg 4
Wiltshire Incubation Pg 5
Green & Digital Pg 6
Driving Urban Enterprise Pg 7
School for Social Entrepreneurs Pg 8
What’s New? Pg 10
Open for Business Pg 11
Programme performance Pg 12


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SW Competitiveness newsletter May 2014