About WSX Enterprise

WSX Enterprise is a long-trusted company staffed by experienced, inspirational business experts – if we might say so ourselves!

We offer practical business support programmes across the South of England from Kent to Cornwall, with a concentration around Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, with many of our projects also working with businesses and research organisations across Europe.

Every day we provide practical support, advice and training to people setting up or developing businesses large and small – and we’ve worked with many happy clients over the years who have realised the potential of their businesses thanks to our help.

Our wide variety of programmes covers every need that businesses might have, every step of the way – from starting out, to growing, to expanding into new areas.

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Meet the Team

We’re a committed team of experienced industry experts, dedicated to helping businesses be better at what they do. When you ring us, we know which questions to ask to help determine how we can help your business. Our project managers and advisers work throughout the South of England, and bring experience in all types of business support. It is our advisers who will personally visit you, help you identify your needs and work with you to help take your business forward.

Part of an adviser’s role is to recommend the level of support a business requires. Each of our team of advisers has direct and considerable experience of working with and managing small and large businesses.

Job Vacancies

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