About WSX Enterprise

WSX Enterprise is a long-trusted company staffed by experienced, inspirational business experts – if we might say so ourselves!

We offer practical business support programmes across the South of England from Kent to Cornwall, with a concentration around Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, with many of our projects also working with businesses and research organisations across Europe.

Every day we provide practical support, advice and training to people setting up or developing businesses large and small – and we’ve worked with many happy clients over the years who have realised the potential of their businesses thanks to our help.

Our wide variety of programmes covers every need that businesses might have, every step of the way – from starting out, to growing, to expanding into new areas.

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How WSX is funded

Our funding comes mainly from organisations with an interest in stimulating the economy, such as the EU, higher education institutions, private sector companies, local enterprise partnerships and local authorities.


Our mission

WSX has a simple mission – to provide practical, expert and trustworthy support that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to create sustainable success, in ways that benefit and enrich the wider economy and community.

We’ve been doing this successfully for almost 20 years in partnership with a wide variety of different funding and delivery partners. Over this time we’ve amassed a wealth of experience, knowledge and capabilities, whilst also building up an extensive network of close relationships with organisations and businesses across the South of England.

In the process we’ve established a reputation as a thoroughly dependable team of seasoned professionals that inspires trust – a supremely safe pair of hands, with a proven track record of delivering successful programmes that produce real benefits.

We develop strong relationships based on trust, impartiality, integrity and transparency. We’re also firm believers in the power of cooperation and take pride in being helpful, flexible, responsive and positive. And we’ve been around long enough to realise that things change, and the only way to survive and thrive is to adapt – so we constantly look for innovative ways to overcome the new challenges that face us, our partners and those entrepreneurs and businesses we support.

How WSX operates

We enter into partnership with the organisations that supply the funding, and deliver programmes on their behalf. We also partner with organisations that may not provide funding but who help us deliver programmes, such as chambers of commerce, trade bodies, business networks and professional services providers including accountants, solicitors and banks.

Job Vacancies

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