Where do we go now? A helping hand is the cure

Businesses need support from external sources, people, suppliers, customers and networks. Fact.

Every business owner comes to a point in their journey where they need help, some never helping handadmit it and battle on striving for the success and goals that once spurred them on to go alone in the first place. Others reach out to family members or staff or perhaps a business partner, this can help share the responsibility and you can gain from each other’s perspectives and experiences. But what if you don’t have this? What if you are the only one responsible for your business and all the decisions are for you to make? Well, help is out there (and some of it doesn’t cost a penny, other than your own time and commitment!)

Dorset has some great support services to help you and your business progress. Dormen are a fantastic organisation offering experienced business mentors who can help you with business strategy, re-aligning your goals or just a voice of knowledge and understanding to help keep you on track. Their mentors work on a voluntary basis and to take advantage of the service you will only pay a fairly minimal administration charge. WSX Enterprise (not a shameless plug here!) offer fantastic New In Business courses aimed up start-ups to help them wade through the daunting and overwhelming factors of starting a business, whether it be accounting, tax, VAT, marketing, sales or project management.

Local councils also offer some great support and assistance for your business Dorset (North, Weymouth & Portland, West Dorset, Purbeck) Poole, Christchurch & East Dorset, Bournemouth.

I haven’t named every support service for businesses in Dorset… oh there is one more, Dorset Growth Hub is a fully funded support team. We have a central phoneline based at Dorset Chamber of Commerce & Industry and have a team of specialists who can pay a visit to your business (or a nice coffee shop with a sofa!) and can open discussions on key issues or areas you feeel you need further support or guidance (Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Business Planning)… As you guessed, I am a Business Navigator and am readily available to come and have a chat. I have a background in Marketing, Sales & Training but have also been a business owner myself and I have visited hundreds of businesses across Dorset… I am no guru, but I have a good understanding of business and the struggles you face!

And the catch?… not one, we are a free fully funded service available across the whole of Dorset.

We would love to hear from any business in Dorset on subjects and support that you specifically need help with. All our services are aimed at supporting Dorset businesses to develop and grow, so your feedback is really vital in ensuring we deliver the right support.

Contact our phone adviser info@dorsetgrowthhub.co.uk or 03454 586480 to arrange an impartial, free chat.