WSX Enterprise on the StartUp Britain Tour Bus 2013

Start-Up BusWhat a gorgeous day to get out and meet some budding entrepreneurs!

We teamed up with Start-Up Britain programme on Thursday in Winchester meet people interested in starting up their own business or current start-ups looking for new ideas or access to grants, etc.

Our resident Business Expert, Peter Grant, took up the mantle and hopped on the Start-Up Bus offering advice and guidance to the folk of Winchester.

It was quite a busy day with most interest in Start-Up Loans and actual mentoring to ensure Start-Ups get the best possible advice from people who have ‘been there and done it!’


Peter confirmed “Lots of interest, not just in Start Up Loans, but also in mentoring for small businesses. Businesses that use a mentor are twice as likely to survive and grow according to Government research and we have 50 or more mentors ready and waiting to help.”

If you ‘d like to see where the Start-Up Britain Tour Bus is going next, have a look on their website or follow them on Twitter @Startupbritain.

And, if you want more info on Start-Up Loans, we are definitely the right people to talk to, along with Mentoring and a host of Events and Workshops for all your Start-Up needs.

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