Support from Dorset LEP and Transformational Business Support helps expansion of Crypto Consulting business

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Plutus Crypto Consulting is the brainchild of Simon Dyer.  The business helps his customers navigate the world of Blockchain, making the complex world of Cryptocurrency simpler and more straightforward via training.

Through the Dorset LEP programme, Simon accessed a 1-2-1 session with a Transformational Business Support advisor, accessed the online tutorial content and attended face-to-face events run by Dorset Growth Hub – all of this helped him to grow his business.

Expanding Crypto death planning

Simon’s main customers are will writers and individuals who need cryptocurrency will planning, he wanted to expand the death planning side of the business.

As Blockchail/Crypto death panning is becoming a necessity as the markets continue to expand.  I felt it important to grow this side of my business. My ultimate aim is for advisors to be trained by me across the UK.”

Simon was familiar with WSX Enterprise as he had previously received some ‘crucial’ funding from the Dorset Growth Hub which assisted with his initial costs, but he was now in a position where he wanted to market his services to a wider customer base. He required support with a marketing strategy in addition to some brainstorming on what the expansion would look like and what issues may occur.

Support from Transformational Business Support

His business advisor helped with the refocusing of the strategy for the business,

“The business strategy guidance has assisted me with my growth plans and encouraged me to focus on my core business.”

He benefitted from both an hour 1-2-1 and drop-in sessions, both of which he found very useful,

“Both the 1-2-1 and drop-ins helped to delve into my business, helping to get my thoughts in order and I found the coaching element useful. The drop-ins were incredible useful as like-minded business owners shared and listened to others’ challenges and successes.”

As a result of the 1-2-1 Simon has made changes to his training narrative on his website and is setting up certified CPD certification with one of his courses. This has opened up a new market for individuals who wish to have approved training on their CVs.

Overall, Simon believes the support from the Transformational Business Support team has been useful,

“Very well put together support packages and invaluable resources and knowledge.”

The importance of ‘local’

The business is based in Bournemouth as Simon lives in the area, he is a homeworker and covers the UK with online meetings where possible.

“Being local to Bournemouth was important to me as my client base are local SMEs.” 

Simon Dyer – Owner

He is proud of the fact, that as he works with other businesses locally, and provides education to grow their customer base, he supports the growing financial market within Dorset and assists the local economy.

His growth has been achieved using predominantly online meetings to save on environmental impact and reducing the carbon footprint of the business.

“Over 90% of my business-to-business touchpoints are using technology. Business-to-customer face to face meetings are normally local and tend to be within a 20-mile radius.”

Simon’s Top Tip for future entrepreneurs

When asked what advice he would give to businesses considering moving to or starting a business in the Dorset area, Simon says,

“Do it! There is access to support in an approachable and understandable way from WSX.

Seek out all the available support within the area immediately!”

More information about Plutus Crypto can be found on their website or you can follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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