121 mentoring from Transformational Business Support enables mental health consultant’s business to flourish

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121 mentoring from Transformational Business Support enables mental health consultant’s business to flourish

Amanda Whitlock, the founder of Total Wellbeing Matters, is a Wellbeing and Mental Health trainer and consultant. Accredited by Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA), she provides both MHFA-Accredited and bespoke training. For individuals who want to look after their own mental health and maintain their wellbeing, she provides training, together with the toolkits to enable them to have the relevant conversations about mental health and wellbeing.

Early support from WSX Enterprise

After launching her business in August 2019, Amanda attended a selection of events held by the Dorset Growth hub and received business mentoring support. But in 2022 she had become a bit stuck in her business planning.

I was at a crossroads with my business and feeling unsure of which direction I wanted it to follow. It had become obvious that if I wanted my business to grow, I needed to increase capacity. My mental health awareness course had been delivered internationally and received very positive feedback, but I had not taken its development any further.”

Transformational Business Support steps in

Amanda recognised that she needed an independent, unbiased outsider to shine a light on her business and advise on growth strategies. In August 2022 she met with Transformational Business Support Business Advisor Steve Bulley and things began to fall into place.

“Steve very quickly identified the crux of the problem and came up with various solutions. Talking to him allowed me to explore several options and for me to identify what barriers were holding me back.”

Future goals and successes!

One outcome for Amanda’s business has been that she has trained and licensed four Associate trainers who are able to deliver the course through their businesses. Amanda is delighted she has been able to enthuse others,

They are excited to be at the beginning of my growth program and have contributed enormously to my business planning for 2023.”

The business mentoring that Amanda received has given a confidence boost to her business and has even resulted in an award!

“My plans are much more ambitious than they would have been without Steve’s contribution. He encouraged me to think bigger and to celebrate my success. I am delighted to say that in December 2022 Total Wellbeing Matters won Business of the Year at the Yeovil Chamber Business Awards.”

Praise for Transformational Business Support

All of her recent success she attributes to the support received from the Transformational Business Support team,

“I cannot recommend the support from the Transformational Business Support team enough. Anyone wanting to explore business growth with a skilled, expert business advisor should take up the offer of support. Whether it is a specific challenge you are facing or, like me, a lack of clarity around direction, they will provide unbiased and professional advice. In addition, you will have access to hundreds of resources to help support you in your business.”

You can find out more about Total Wellbeing Matters on their website, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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