Lorna Oldham

Lorna Oldham

Lorna Oldham

AEC Manager

Lorna has managed the Aldershot Enterprise Centre since its opening in 2014.

A military wife local to the area, Lorna enjoyed the challenge of running the centre and being involved since the beginning as it allowed her to set up procedures and adjust them as the centre evolved.

Having seen many companies come through the doors of AEC, Lorna has seen the growth of AEC from 30 rooms to eventually holding the entire building of 75 rooms and experienced the joy of watching so many of the occupying companies progress and become successful from just a desk and an idea!


What does Lorna love about her job?

“I think I have a unicorn job, a once in a lifetime role where I get to help small businesses even in small ways that may just help them have a good day, which they turn into a good month.


But we helped.


Our building is gorgeous, and to be honest, it sells itself, I am not a saleswoman, but when I show new clients the building everyone can feel the community we have built here and wants to be part of it.


I feel blessed being a part of something so special.”


We offer practical business support programmes across the South of England from Kent to Cornwall, with a concentration around Dorset & Hampshire, with many of our projects also working with businesses and research organisations across Europe.

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We run a wide range of programmes that cover all sorts of support and engagement opportunities, across the South of England & beyond. 

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