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Read on to see how we helped Marc Sicamois owner of My Room Outside

Meet Marc Sicamois owner of My Room Outside


Who you are? I am an engineer with more than a decade of experience in building sustainability and industrial manufacturing process.

What do you do? I design, manufacture, and install sustainable, beautiful, and affordable and buildings for all year round use with responsibly sourced, recyclable, and reduced plastic materials.

What products/services do you sell? MyRoomOutside: modular garden spaces that don’t require planning permission

Who do you do it for / who you work with? I work with local suppliers in Worthing for anything from FSC timber to Ground screws and windows

Who are your customers? Mainly professionals, working from home, needing a separated space from their house

Examples of what you do / projects you have worked on recently The last unit I have built was a 2×2 model in Worthing

What were the reasons for seeking business advice? I have managed my limited company for more than 10 years offering consultancy work, mainly with French clients. MyRoomOutside was a massive change in direction as it is a standalone building for UK clients. Funding was also necessary to complete the launch phase of the project.

Experience of the business support process It has been an invaluable experience. From the training sessions to the 1-2-1 for additional support, I have greatly progressed in structure and planning short and medium term.

Take us through the process Once registered, I have participated in 3 interactive training sessions in which I have learned to define my product, write a business plan, understand my target audience, put together a financial forecast and apply to funding.

Have you accessed any funding? Yes, the Fund4 application has been accepted for all my marketing expenses, including the creation of the brand, a brochure, and the website.

How is your business doing now/any changes or improvements since accessing support? Since the application has been accepted I have moved into a light industrial unit, set up the workshop, launched the website, and started a marketing campaign on social media.

What would you like to share, where can people find you? Before starting this project I had the “Why”, I then came up with the “What”. But the “How” was too blurry and I needed help. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a plan, to have this “How”.
WSX Enterprise helped me define this “How” enough so I could start moving and bring life to this project, and for that, I am very grateful.

You can find me here: or on Facebook and Instagram: @myroomoutside


If you’d like to find out how this excellent support programme could help you, follow this link to the main programme page >>>

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