PONToon focuses on developing a free digital toolkit that will help provide women with the necessary digital skills to access the labour market, with a total budget of €5.8 million funded by the European Union.

The various tools, which will be available on the project’s online platform, will include virtual reality interviews, webinars and computer game experiences, where the game scenarios aim to engage and train users on basic and advanced ICT skills, social media usage and other digital skills.

The tools will be co-created and developed by women who currently face barriers to accessing digital technology.

Through developing the tools they will learn additional entrepreneurial skills on idea development, data creation and project management.

The toolkit will then be shared with service providers, job centres and local authorities enabling them to offer a more engaging and complete training offer to women.

The tools developed by PONToon will help train 1,600 women and will see in excess of 400 participants in employment as a direct result of the training.

The tools will be showcased here, but in the meantime, you can view the progression of the project on the main PONToon website below.

PONToon Map

Where is support offered?

On completion of the project, the digital toolkit will be shared with service providers, job centres and local authorities across the partner regions (South England & North France) before reaching out to a wider geographical audience.