Entrepvet is a pan-European project to develop new thinking and practical solutions to engage young people in entrepreneurship.

Targeting 16 – 29 year-olds, the partner countries will develop a training package for delivery in different regions on a pilot basis and engage local schools and education providers.

 ENTREPVET will promote the following entrepreneurial qualities:

  • Possessing the knowledge and professional practice to run a business: through meetings with banks, trade, successful entrepreneurs, and professionals
  • Skills and attitudes: Young people may have the determination and enthusiasm to run a business but may not have the appropriate skills-set and leadership qualities
  • Enhancing the means to practise entrepreneurship and filling gaps in social and financial capital
  • Identification of wider cultural and social networks; connecting youth with knowledge networks

Our target group are young people, 16-29, who are, or at risk of being, not in education employment or training (NEET). Partners will agree upon a draft curriculum to be presented to local VET stakeholders and NEET focus groups for feedback and review.

ENTREPVET – Entrepreneurship Practices in VET

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This tool was developed within the ENTREPVET project and dedicated to the development of Entrepreneurial skills and mindset!  

The toolkit is divided into 7 modules, you can find:

Module for Trainers: it is completely dedicated to trainers in order to provide them with a better understanding of what it means to be a Neet and how to create and maintain a group

Module for “Young People and Trainers: in this case, the module can be used by young people with the support of trainers, or in some cases, by themselves
The learning path together with the repository and the assessment tool will allow you to get a better sense of what it means to be an entrepreneur, increase soft entrepreneurial skills and allow you to train to create a concrete business model out of an idea.

In each module includes the aim of the module, the learning goals and three lesson plans that can be used to increase specific skills.

Ready to start? Let’s go!


The first newsletter from the ENTREPVET programme, introduces what the programme is about, who it’s targeted at and the first meeting of the partners.

1st Newsletter English – ENTREPVET External Link

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The second newsletter from the ENTREPVET programme, getting to know the partners, stakeholder meeting + more.

2nd Newsletter English – ENTREPVET External Link


The third newsletter from the ENTREPVET programme, news from the steering group, priorities + more.

3rd Newsletter English – ENTREPVET

The fourth newsletter from the ENTREPVET programme, training event at Aldershot (UK), SLUSH 2022 + more.

4th Newsletter English – ENTREPVET

The fifth newsletter from the ENTREPVET programme, news from the last steering committee meeting, tips + more.

5th Newsletter English – ENTREPVET


Each partner will engage with a minimum of 5 local VET stakeholders and successful entrepreneurs, and engage with young NEET focus groups (minimum of 5 youths).

We will use non-formal education methods to train 28 VET trainers/educators, from the UK, NL, Greece, Turkey, Romania, and Italy.

Each partner will create a local community VET entrepreneurial hub to support the 35 young people who will create peer networks and co[1]create 7 pilot project solutions to address local challenges (IO3).

The young NEETs will continue to network with each other during the project.

Each partner will support their local hub via the VET stakeholder networks and recruit appropriate support for each locally piloted project.  

7 Partners:
UK: WSX Enterprise and Make A Dream Publishing Ltd
Greece: ALLI
Turkey: MUSEV
Italy: DMLAS

“It is envisaged that by developing new tools to reach young people across Europe, the project will assist in creating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Countries involved are UK, Romania, Italy, Turkey and the Netherlands.”

Where is support offered?

The ENTREPVET team will develop new tools to assist the young people of Europe and beyond on their entrepreneurial journey.