SPEED-You-UP | Schools

Working together with Professionals and Educators in the battle against school dropout and youth unemployment. 

Helping young unemployed people, aged 16 to 25 who live in Hampshire and Surrey with Employability and Entrepreneurial skills.

Treloar’s Alton

The school is one of the best facilities in England for children and young people with disabilities.

WSX was delivering Speed You Up sessions to two cohorts of students: for one group throughout  June 2021 and for a second group from October 2021 to March 2022.

Each session which was run by SYU Coordinator and Trainer was attended not only by the learners but also by teachers and teaching assistants who contributed to the sessions.

Altogether a  group of over 15 learners have attended training about self-employment which covered topics such as skills needed in self-employment, community analysis, generating business ideas and business planning. The learners came up with 3 brilliant business ideas and created 3 business pop-ups.

During the Business Pop Up event on 14th  March the learners were presenting 3 businesses that represented the needs of the local community: In house cinema and In House Open Mike Club as well as putting together an International Recipe Cookery book.

The event was attended by special guests-  stakeholders of the programme from Inspiring Enterprise, Bournemouth University and Children With Special Needs Foundation.

From September 2022 the Speed You Up training at Treloar’s will be delivered on behalf of WSX by three appointed teachers who were specially trained to deliver the course.


Treloar School & College Young Entrepreneurs in action – Treloar School & College

Kings College Camberley

March 2022

In the Kings College Camberley, there were over 7 sessions of the SYU training delivered during the last academic year. 

More than 15 students have attended the sessions as well as a Pop-Up event organised for the learners back in March 2022. 

At Kings College Camberley the Pop Up event took part on 25th March. There were 7 students participating in 5 separate Businesses and the learners were selling sweets and jewellery to 700 (!!!) students who turned at the end of the school day. The students made a profit of over £60 per Pop-Up.

Farnborough 6th Form

From September 2022 Saffron Owen, who is a business tutor, will be delivering SYU sessions on behalf of WSX at Farnborough 6th Form College.

Adriana visited Saffron at the beginning of July for a catch-up and to deliver a new WSX SYU banner.

Saffron is a great teacher and we are delighted to have her on board!


Farnborough 6th College joined Speed You Programme in early January 2022.

The College is based in Hampshire and is home to almost 4000 students from around Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. The school has got high expectations of staff and students and provides an environment where students can reach their potential.

The cooperation with the college would not have been possible without the help and enthusiasm of a business tutor Saffron Owen, Cecile Horncastle who is a Head of A level Business Department and Felicity Hamilton from the Careers Office.

There are 4 students who have been participating fully in the Speed You Up sessions and were learning amongst others about skills needed in self-employment, community needs and business planning. Following a session about business pitching the students attended the Business Pop Up event combined with Dragons’ Den in early April 2022. The business ideas and news from the Pop-Up have been shared under the Pop-Up news pages.

We were very pleased that during one of the sessions we were able to host a motivational speaker Lizzie Raffles from the Inspiring Enterprise Project who shared her knowledge and experience with the learners. During two sessions we also hosted another motivational guest Esther Anwuzia who works at Bournemouth University and works on upscaling the project.

The sessions were run by WSX SYU Programme Coordinator and Trainer Adriana Crear but we are very happy to say that Saffron Owen has been recently trained as one of the SYU Coaches and will deliver the course from September 2022 to ensure the longevity of the programme.


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