Resilience QUICK SCAN Tool

Helping businesses focus their resources and innovative capacity in an uncertain and challenging future.

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How resilient is your business?

How many unexpected changes have occurred in your business or organisation in the last 3 years?  Do you know how many you are expecting in the next month, year, two years, three years or more?

Use our free, confidential online tool to get a quick snapshot of your ‘ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL and ‘PEOPLE’ resilience to find out where you are now and what actions you could take to improve your resilience.

Developed by ResilieNtWEB Partners, supported by the EU Interreg Programme, the online Quick Scan will help you identify your ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL and ‘PEOPLE’ resilience as well as take a look at how you ANTICIPATE, ADAPT AND LEARN from all 3 areas of your business to help build a sustainable, resilient business.

How will the WSX Digital: Quick Scan tool help?

Set against the context of a fast-moving world, the ResilieNtWEB programme provides companies with a tested methodology that will enable them to identify and plan opportunities, whilst understanding the impact of their decisions on the wider business environment.

Used to help the company to understand, develop, prioritise, plan and evaluate sustainable innovations then develop their business model to improve the resilience of the company, the original ResilieNtWEB approach included 4 key steps.

The approach included:

  • A ‘QUICK SCAN’ of the company’s resilience to get a profile of its sustainable business practices and resilience against three main areas; their economic, social and environmental resilience.
  • A visual headline report, used as a basis for internal and/or external discussion, identifying, what’s working well and any opportunities for improvement or new business opportunities.
  • Business Planning using the Business Model Canvas and a range of business tools aimed at helping companies to take a fresh look at their current business strategy, their key opportunities and the key issues/actions involved.
  • A detailed Action Plan. Support/resources to prioritise and resolve the key issues identified in agreement with the business.

Would you like to know more about the QUICK SCAN TOOL or how the ResilieNtWEB programme worked?

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