Ethically sourced nut retailer helps to support women in Africa

Valentine and Kenneth Stacey

Josiane Nomel runs an ethically sourced, environmentally friendly nut-making Start Up which helps women in West Africa financially. She was able to move her business idea into reality with the help of Julie Stevenson and the Inspiring Enterprise Portsmouth project.

Gaining confidence through the project

Before meeting Julie, Josiane had already attended another business start-up course but it hadn’t given her the confidence she needed to start the business. She was on the point of testing her product at a local market when her local job centre introduced her to the Inspiring Enterprise Portsmouth project.

With Julie’s help she has been able to set up the business of which she is very proud,

“I now sell a different range of healthy cashew nut snacks where the ingredients are sourced ethically and the packaging is environmentally friendly. My products give the added benefit of helping women of West Africa benefit financially by supplying the raw product to me at a fair price; cutting out the middle man.”

Rachel also undertakes house history for her clients. This is Frank and Mabel Clarke’s house.

Support from her business adviser

Julie has given her the confidence to get her business up and running,

“I was a bit stuck before I joined the programme.  It really helped having someone to talk to.  Going through the figures in detail was really useful; making sure that my price included all the costs.  It gave me the confidence and motivation to push ahead with the business.  I was a bit nervous in talking to people about business but now I am more confident in communicating.  Step by step with Julie increased my confidence. “

Growing the business

After selling at several markets in Southsea Josiane has built up a regular client base, selling hundreds of packets every time she is there. But the future is even more exciting,

“I am selling some products through a few independent outlets and am about to launch an ecommerce website to reach more people and to ‘weatherproof’ my business.  I am also looking to add to my product range with a new and unique snack, which I will be taste testing on my existing clients in the coming weeks. It’s all really exciting!”  

Josiane is looking to diversify her product range and increase sales using a variety of different sales channels so that business will be stable going forward. Her future plans are ambitious,

“Long term, I would like to employ staff to manufacture the product and take on premises.”

Dorothy Clarke

Josiane’s Top Business Tip for Future Entrepreneurs

“Believe in yourself and just do it!  You may make a few mistakes, but you’ll learn from those.  There are so many reasons not to do it that will stop you if you don’t just get started, but you’ll regret not trying.  The more you do, the more you perfect it.”


You can find out more about CajuNel nuts on her website or follow her on Instagram.


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