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Start-up Business supported by Inspiring Enterprise Portsmouth helps future generations tell their stories


Tales of Time: Tell your story for future generations

Adam Krum had always had the idea of preserving memories in audible form from the older generation for their younger relatives. Due to the support from Inspiring Enterprise Portsmouth, he has been able to make this dream a reality.

Adam worked as a manager of a medical emergency company for 17 years. Unfortunately, his job was made redundant during the COVID pandemic. He tried a Teaching as a Foreign Language course but decided that the work gleaned from that was unlikely to be lucrative. It was during a conversation with the local jobcentre that he was put in touch with Julie Stevenson from the Inspiring Enterprise Portsmouth team.

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Tales of Time Adam Krum

A fast turnaround

After checking out the Inspiring Enterprise website, Adam filled in the enquiry form and within 24 hours the team had phoned him and put him in touch with Julie. Within days they were meeting at a local coffee shop to discuss his business idea. From there, the business idea took hold and Julie helped Adam build self-confidence in his ability to start the business as well as pointing him in the right direction for contacts as well as with ideas for marketing the business.

“Julie has given me so much support and valuable advice. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain such useful information and achieve my goal in such a short space of time.”

A growing business

Adam’s company, Tales of Time, uses state-of-the-art audio equipment to record the tales of people who have lived interesting lives. The idea is that they have an audible memoir, such as a CD of their life for the younger generation. After initially offering a couple of freebies to practice the skill of recording, the business is beginning to grow, and he is “getting himself out there and known.”

He often visits a local bar in Southsea which runs regular events to combat loneliness for those who are going through hard times. From this group he has gained some initial business.

“It is a joy to be there and meet people who want to tell their stories.”

Using the past to build a better future

Adam’s clients don’t have to just be from the older generation, but anyone who wants to record their interesting stories. He also offers the service to younger people who are unfortunately terminally ill, so they can record memories for their families. But it doesn’t matter what the situation or the age of the client is, he will offer this service to anyone who has a story to tell. He is willing to travel for an hour in any distance from his location in Portsmouth and has also recently started doing zoom interviews and is able to record people’s stories in this remote covid-safe way.

If you want to get in touch with Adam, you can view his Instagram page or join his public Facebook group Tales of Time.

Inspiring Enterprise Portsmouth

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