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Pan-European Entrepvet training delivers new ideas for young entrepreneurs

Entrepvet is a European-funded project, of which WSX Enterprise is an active partner. The project aims to develop new thinking and practical solutions to engage young people in entrepreneurship.

Adriana Crear, Entrepvet coordinator and trainer visited Burghe-Haamsted in the Netherlands recently to attend training and share ideas with European partners for this project. During the five-day event, Adriana delivered training about creating entrepreneurial hubs using her work experience and research she has undertaken during her time at WSX Enterprise.

This is a rundown of how the very successful week went:

Day 1:  Focus on Communication! Our Romanian partners Organizatia Institutul Bucovina and our Turkish partners MUSEV Mucur Sağlık Sosyal Eğitim ve Yardımlaşma Vakfı talked about the importance of communication and the various types of communication with the help of videos and interactive activities. 

Day 2: Self-confidence and motivation. The team of the Athens Lifelong Learning Institute facilitated discussions, work in teams about motivation, goal setting, self-confidence, volunteering and its importance in the NEETs’ daily lives and entrepreneurship. 

Day 3: Looking at NEET Profiles and Hubs. Our partners from Italy, Duemilano Agenzia Sociale (EntrepVet Italy), helped us gain a clearer idea of the NEET profiles in different countries. 

Adriana challenged the attendees to think of the elements we can use to form a virtual hub. The presentation, which included information about what a hub is and what purpose it serves, also had a cultural component and each participant had to choose a place in the room, which represented a country on the map where he/she lived a memorable moment. 

Day 4: Social Economy.  Our partner from Make a Dream Publishing Ltd. (UK), turned our attention to this important subject. We were asked to form groups and work on business plans. 

Day 5: Digital Toolkits and lesson plans. The week’s training successfully concluded with a presentation done by our host Stichting & Kenniscentrum Pro Work – Foundation Knowledge Centre. Pro Work and trainers were involved in an activity which challenged them to explore the digital toolkit and find the best module and lesson plans for a young NEET with a certain profile. 

Adriana said of the training,

“All the partners thoroughly enjoyed the week-long training and returned home to their respective countries armed with lots of ideas to apply to their young learners.”


Adriana presenting to her European colleagues on what a hub, virtual or otherwise, can look like.

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